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Plug’s Sweet Tooth!

We are completely dedicated to making and selling the best gourmet popcorn around and growing Plug’s Sweet Tooth into a well-known and trusted brand.

Our products have small town roots and worldwide appeal!

About Us

About Plug’s Sweet Tooth

Plug’s Sweet Tooth was launched by founders Pam and Dave Miles and Nicole and Craig Berry in their home “poppery” in Aurora, a small town in the Southeast corner of Indiana, just minutes from Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. Our products have small town roots and worldwide appeal!

Our caramel popcorn is an old family recipe that Pam has been making and sharing with friends and family for years. Of course, you can’t leave good caramel popcorn all alone, so we developed some other terrific flavors to accompany the caramel. We started out with Cheddar Cheesy, Slow Burn Cheddar, Color Me Sweet and Plug’s Pub Mix. Since our initial flavors, we have added more and more and now feature 16 flavors.

our name you ask?

Where did THAT come from? Well, Donnie Klayer, Senior’s nickname was “Plug” and he was Dave’s best friend. Donnie sadly passed away late in 2010. He LOVED Pam’s caramel popcorn and welcomed it anytime she had some to share.

Following hours and hours of internet searching for that perfect name, Pam put the task in God’s hands. She simply asked God to name the business since all of her thoughts and ideas were not working. Several days later, Plug kept coming to mind and distracting Pam and she felt it was God’s way of giving her the perfect name. So, Plug’s began. Feeling that “Plug’s” wasn’t enough, Dave held a contest with his students to complete the branding and the win went to Noah who came up with the accompanying “Sweet Tooth.”

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